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Callaway Steelhead XR and XR Pro Irons

Introduced in 2000, the Callaway X14 Steelhead irons remain one of the best-selling irons of all time. It was one of those designs that just got everything right. The X14 performed too. They were easy to hit and the head shape appealed to golfers of all skill levels. Especially when they introduced the Pro model, which featured more svelte proportions and less offset.

The CG is very low and far back in the long irons to make them easier to get airborne and go farther. The mid irons have the CG very low and midback, again for easy launch but also more control, and the short irons’ CG isn’t quite as low and in the middle of the iron for lower, higher spinning shots. Basically, as the irons get shorter, the CG gets higher and moves slightly forward.

For the more accomplished golfers and those that share their aesthetic sensibilities, Callaway produced the Steelhead XR Pro irons.

The Steelhead XR Pro irons are slightly smaller from heel to toe with slimmer toplines and soles and less offset. But they retain the new 360 Cupface, hollow bore-through hosel and steel infused polyurethane insert and subsequently retain all the high-performance gains they deliver. The Steelhead XR Pro irons come with a cool black PVD finish. The Steelhead XR Pro irons come with slightly heavier shafts to better suit golfers in their demographic.

The Callaway Steelhead XR and XR Pro irons offer the dedicated Callaway fan irons that mimic the appearance of the legendary X14 irons but are built with the latest of CG’s industry leading technologies.