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With the positive reception for color and stamping options for its MD3 milled wedges, Callaway is expanding its custom offerings.

Callaway Golf kicked off its Callaway Customs program that helps golfers personalize their equipment, from drivers to golf balls. There are eight color options, for example on Callaway's GBB Epic or Epic Sub Zero drivers along with two paintfill zones.

Callaway has expanded its customized products offering, from drivers and wedges to golf balls and belts.

The company has launched a new upgrade program called "The Turn" that allows golfers to purchase the latest model of club with a monthly payment program similar to how consumers lease cars or get the newest smart phone.

Through the program, golfers can get TaylorMade equipment such as the new M1 driver of P-770 irons by financing the price over 18 or 30 months and paying a monthly fee at 9.99% interest. While the cost for a new $499 M1 driver would come out to be $594 at the end of 18 months (at $33 per month), the program allows customers to upgrade to new models after a year, with payments rolling over to the new driver.

The TaylorMade M1 driver is one of the products that's part of the company's new program, 'The Turn.'

There are eligibility requirements to the program, the most notable being the condition of the clubs. If they're dented or cracked on the crown, have cracked or bent shafts, or have excessive sole or groove wear on wedges, the clubs aren't eligible.